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  1. Record the board in lowercase. For a blank tile, use uppercase.
  2. Type in the tiles you have at the bottom. For a blank tile, use a space.
  3. Use your arrow keys for quicker navigation.



Scrabble Super Scrabble Literati
Lexulous Words With Friends Wordfeud
WordWise Wordscraper Wordsmith
AbbleDabble Wordz AlphaJax
Word Chums Generic

Live Development Testbed

If you're here at the right time, I may be programming and updating the site as you're using it! This also means that things will almost certainly be broken at times, or sometimes even break and unbreak on a minute-by-minute basis. However, this also allows you to use and test out some otherwise unreleased features. (And bugs. :) )

Best wishes.

Tip: If a search breaks, just change "development." to "www." in your address bar!